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Split Billing

Split Billing allows you to categorise the cost of your employees' calls so that they are allocated to the company or the employee, depending on whether or not the call was for business. Not only do you no longer have to pay for employees' personal calls, but split billing can also help simplify tax issues relating to the personal use of company phones.


With the lowest rates on the market and the FlatBill solution, One Telecom flattens your phone bill to your advantage. Whether you manage a bank, a law office, service company or a large organization, using our FlatBill Plan your phone call can become predictable and inexpensive.

Your 5% Discount

FlatBill offers you a 5% discount on your lowest monthy phone bill: this becomes your fixed bill.

Your 5% Tolerance In addition and based on your new fixed bill, FlatBill allows you a 5% tolerance (up and down) letting you generate 5% more traffic for free.


How Does FlatBill Work?

As soon as your FlatBill is set, One Telecom monitors your monthly traffic level to make sure it is within the tolerance level.

The 1,2,3, Rule

You can exceed your 5% tolerance 3 times without affecting your FlatBill and before it is recalculated. Even when you exceed the 5% tolerance, One Telecom takes no immediate action.However if the 10% limit is broken, One Telecom will charge only for the excess and will guarantee the lowest rates on the market.
Tailor-made Billing Reports

One Telecom Provides many billing features to help analyze calls, control budgets and reduce accounting overhead. Our billing software allows you better management of your telecoms budget. Simple and intuitive analysis of your bills (drill-down, filters, groups, etc.). Internal breakdown of your telecoms spending, based on your own cost-centre structure. Access to your billing history.

With One Telecom Billing features you can meet your exact accouting and administrative requirements. Contact One Telecom today and let us know your needs.

Billing by Destination Name Call details grouped by 'network' (GSM or Wireline) per subscriber's name instead of the destination tel Number.

Billing by Packages You can purchase package of minutes to group of destinations.

Billing by CDR Calls are grouped by Destination Name rather than in chronological order. This gives you a summary of target destination number.

Graphs Many types of graphs for the visual display of call analysis.
PABX Mediation

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Call Bill Checker

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Registration Form

1. Open Registration Form (PDF Format):
2. Enter in the appropriate information (You may be required to update yor Adobe Reader.)
3. Print
4. Sign and Date
5. Provide a photocopy of your telephone bill
6. Fax to : + 352 26 876 866 or scan and email as an attachment to

CPS Form
This form allows us to automatically redirect all of your calls to the One Telecom networks.
1. Open CPS Form
2. Enter in the appropriate information. (You may be required to update yor Adobe Reader.)
3. Print
4. Include your client number from your Telecom provider
5. Telephone numbers to be activated
6. Sign and Date
7. Fax to : + 352 26 876 866 or scan and email as an attachment to

Activation of the Services
Once we have received the necessary information we will send you an email with confirmation. Your new service will begin within 24 hours of receiving Registation and CPS Form.

General Conditions
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