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In the spring of 2009, the Belgian Municipality of Braine-l’Alleud published a public tender, with the subject to build a secure Wi-Fi intranet network that could connect all the municipality’s premises. At a later stage, the municipality could use that infrastructure to provide a wide range of services (CCTV, hotspots, VoIP etc.). For this project, One Telecom won the tender among other big players thanks to its better performance, higher reliability and lower price.
In the heart of Brussels, Plaisirs d’Hiver features each year its world-famous Christmas Market, The organizers of Plaisirs d’Hiver wished to enhance security through increased video surveillance. One Telecom installed surveillance cameras running on its Wi-Fi platform. All video images were displayed in a control centre. The organizers could also view those images on their smartphone.
One Telecom offered free Wi-Fi to all visitors.
During the summer, a urban beach is installed along the Canal of Brussels, with many different events and activities for young and old.
One Telecom installed its Wi-Fi platform and wireless surveillance cameras controlling the entire event area. All video images were displayed in a mobile HQ. The organizers could also view those images on their smartphone.
One Telecom offered free Wi-Fi to all beach visitors.
During the Festival, the entire village of Chassepierre was covered by One Telecom’s wireless network. At all access points, the entrance tickets were controlled by scanners functioning on our Wi-Fi platform. The data collected by the scanners were redirected on a webserver. So, the organizers could know at each moment and in real time the number of visitors as well as the sales recorded at the 5 access points. One Telecom offered free Wi-Fi to all Festival visitors.

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"Le choix de la technologie wifi a été posé après avis de spécialistes, qui ont garanti les performances d’un tel réseau, notamment au niveau de la rapidité des flux. Et de ce fait, nous sommes très contents de cette technologie à l’hôtel de ville. Nous avons fait le bon choix"
Press Release: "Libre Belgique 14/09/2010"
Marianne Hatert, (Echevinne des nouvelles technologies à Braine-l’Alleud)