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One Telecom was created in 2006 as an alternative telecom service provider, specializing in telecom services for companies in Luxemburg and Belgium. Based in Luxembourg, One Telecom is a certified telecom provider.

One Telecom is dedicated to providing the best phone rates in the market, while adhering to strict service and quality criteria. The company also places major emphasis on creating a close relationship with its customers in order to respond efficiently to clients' queries and requirements.

A team of extremely versatile professionals, always available for consultations and inquiries, manages one Telecom’s services.
One Telecom's size and approach allows it to serve business and corporate establishments with flexibility and professionalism, while the company has developed products and procedures geared to the communication and administrative needs of the business customer.

 In 2009, One Telecom complemented its core business with the commercialization of unique wireless solutions.

One Telecom has forged successful partnerships with visionary companies that develop products for administrative and business Wi-Fi applications: Triple-Play wireless solutions, Data, Video and Voice.
With a single broadband connection, One Telecom can provide high-speed Internet (data), CCTV for security (video) and telephone service (VoIP).

In 2011, One Telecom created its ticketing department that integrates a global wireless solution: online ticket sale, print-at-home mobile tag tickets, and validation on site via wireless scanners.

One Telecom

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